Should CBD Be in Your Skincare?

You can do just about anything with CBD, even slather it on your face. Cannabidiol, better known as CBD is taking over the skin-care world and has been for some time. You just never noticed. The compound found in marijuana and hemp is reported to have anti-inflammatory properties that could prove to

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Is It Safe To Take CBD While Pregnant?

The history of the therapeutic use of cannabis is so long and complex, that it’s no wonder that it has been used by pregnant women and women in labor for centuries. In fact, the oldest documented cases of such cannabis use dates back to Mesopotamia BC. However, what does modern science have to say a

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CBD Gummies – How HempXtra Create The Perfect Pick Me Up

Feeling low is normal but feeling low always is not. Chronic fatigue, depression and low confidence levels are some of the disorders that are yet to find a proven solution. In the recent researches, the cannabis plant and the oils and chemicals extracts from it have been tested for soothing and rela

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CBD Pain Reliever – Try HempXtra Massage Pain Reliever Gel

Medical cannabis is being used for managing various symptoms associated with chronic diseases and syndromes. Various kinds of chemicals have been extracted from the cannabis plant and tested for their medicinal properties. One such class of chemicals is CBD or cannabidiols. These are found to be ver

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Travel Anxiety? How CBD Can Help…

CBD or cannabinoids are the extracts with medicinal properties derived from the plant of Hemp. These cannabinoids are used in the form of oil or tablets, popularly known as CBD. The main effect of the CBD oil was found to be relaxation. There are people having issues with mental resilience who can g

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Mind-Blowing Benefits of CBD for your Skin/CBD Oil for Sensitive Skin

CBD is known as cannabidiol is a pain reliever and mainly known for its results at the time of arthritis and bone ache. It treats various problems in the body like neurological disorders as well. But companies like hempxtra also make some products like skin oil or CBD oil for your skin and body.When

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Can CBD Oil Treat Anxiety and Other Medical Problems?

When CBD oil first started being sold, a good part of the public did not believe it would help without any real benefits – believe that marijuana is all about getting stone. But then on US national television, it showed stopping an epileptic seizure. Now many people are saying the CBD is a miracle d

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Seniors Turn to CBD for Pain Management

A CBD is known as cannabidiol which was founded in 1940, and it contains 40% of the plant’s extract. It is consumed as a stress reliever or for movement disorders. There are many ways through which you can consume them like by inhaling the smoke or vapors; you can also use it as a spray in the cheek

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CBD for Pet Parents: 3 Reasons HempXtra is good for your Pet

CBD or cannabidiol is the talk of the town, and since it has been legally accepted, it has even more to grow. CBD is one of those chemical compounds derived from the marijuana plant and has far-reaching benefits for both-the evolved humans and their pets.Topical oils, CBD biscuits, pills, liquids, C

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